The Tragic Story of National Action

This article was written by my American friends at National Expanse who have given me the permission to exclusively publish this piece. I have taken the liberty to add some notes and references to the text. I have also added my own “final thoughts” section, commenting on National Action! Enjoy the article.

In December of 2016, the British group National Action became the first far right organization to be classed as a terrorist group in the United Kingdom. Now they stand trial for crimes they did not commit. Demonized by the media, these unfortunate souls tell a harrowing tale, and offer us a warning as to what life might be like should we fail.

Founded in 2013, National Action arose out of need for a radical yet sensible nationalist group in the UK. A youth movement, NA was highly mobile and effective. Using talent that other groups had thrown out the door, their motley crew became extremely successful in 2015 gaining almost monthly news coverage.

Their style was simple. With ludicrous yet intelligent media stunts designed to capture the minds of story hungry journalists, and the group would create a reputation from notoriety. Stunts like “Miss Hitler 2016” or “Nazi Soup Kitchens” flooded the news cycle. They quickly gained their target audience: intelligent and dedicated youth.

National Action set the standard for what a nationalist organization should look like. A myriad of look-alike organizations rose up in the US and EU. Even antifascist organizations made half-hearted attempts to clone their clean cut style. Many tried, yet none achieved their level of expertly honed craftsmanship that National Action achieved.

Amber Rudd had a problem. She needed someone to answer for the murder of Jo Cox, an English Labor MP. The conviction of the killer himself was not enough to end the public pressure placed on top of her. She needed a sweeping, bold action to fix her problems, and the perfect scapegoat had already presented itself.

Getting breakout coverage (an insane 5000% gain in searches according to google trends), National Action was in the forefront of many a Briton’s mind. Its relatively low popularity made it a easy and natural choice for targeting. Rudd had a perfect target.

In December of 2016 the ban was announced. At first, many thought that it was just a threat, that the group would never be proscribed. But the closer the date got, the worse things seemed to get. Then it happened. On the 16th of November the proscription hit.

Like that, the group dissolved. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

The policed have made the claim that they must “disrupt” the activities of right wing groups that spread “division” in their communities. To keep their communities “safe” they have enacted a policy of psychological terrorism against all perceived offenders. Through the use of systemic isolation, retroactive judgments, and creative re-framing they have suppressed the lives and liberties of former NA members.

Many people put on trial are slammed with a criminal antisocial behavior order. Such an order stipulates that a person cannot interact with any “racist” persons for a period of five to six years. Its a thinly veiled attempt to isolate and decimate victims. These measures have seen exclusive use against the right wing.

Many quickly crack under the pressure. It is known that one activist has taken his own life after being being told that he would receive a sentence. He was neither involved with the incident that led to the trial, nor even attending the same university. Out of respect for the man and a lack of clear details, we will not publish his identity here unless more information comes to surface.

The first trials occurred over a set of stickers placed at Aston University in Birmingham. Using a design made to mock “Sharia Zone” stickers placed by radical Muslim activists, activists placed “white zone” stickers approximately the size of a post-it note on signs near the University. These events happened almost a year before the proscription placed against the group in 2016. Their actions at the time would have resulted in, at worst, a fine or community service. However prosecutors have decided to take a much more ambitious route.

At the conclusion of the trial two members were sent to prison for hard time, due to the changes in law. Within a day of arriving, one defendant, Chad Williams-Allen, was brutalized by an unknown gang of men. He was found on the floor stabbed in the neck with his skull nearly caved in. The guards outside his cell refused to acknowledge the incident until his cell mate broke the silence six hours later. He was later moved to a different prison after authorities feared a compromise in the facility.

It should be clear to any sensible person that this was a cut and dry witch trial. In this case, the law is being applied in an ex post facto manner, a clear violation of article seven of European Convention on Human Rights[1]. Two of the people convicted were not even involved with the incident. The judge has even explicitly stated that these punishments are not even being based on the merits of the case, but instead on the level of activity each defendant had within National Action.

The second of these trials, pertaining to Jack Renshaw and his associates, is a bit more mundane than what would meet the eye. Jack Renshaw is another example of the results of unjust police pressure. During a variety of interactions with the police, he began to believe that he was being investigated and possibly framed for child abuse charges (the validity of these claims are unclear). He became unstable, and during a night while drinking with friends Renshaw stated that he wished to commit suicide by cop. His friends, in an attempt to stabilize him, noted that he was still a virgin and decided to take him to a nearby club.

Unfortunately for Jack Renshaw, someone else was listening. Robbie Mullen, a friend of the group and ex member of National Action, turned informant to British NGO Hope Not Hate. He utilize unknown surreptitious recording techniques to capture an audio log of the event. This file was passed back to the group and entered as a key piece of evidence against him in the trial.

This also exposes another symptom of the psychological damage done to former National Action members. For those unfamiliar, this is a classic story of blackmail and entrapment seen so often in the world of intelligence analytics. Mullen was most likely pressured by Hope Not Hate to rat out his friend. After having his sense of self ownership likely annihilated by a well trained recruiter (usually with claims that he is trapped and that only the recruiter can help him), he received significant financial compensation for his acts. During a cross examination, it was revealed that he received nearly 22,000£ a year, as well as free rent, meals, train travel, and free electronics (a laptop and an iphone) from Hope Not Hate.

Hope Not Hate maintains not only that National Action still exists as an organization (even though anyone with a clear perspective of the situation could infer otherwise), but that its members were complicit and supportive in these “terrorist acts.” They seem to be able to keep this claim up indefinitely, even after former group members decried Renshaw’s acts as selfish and detrimental to the movement.

These trials are not a matter of law, but a matter of propaganda. They are designed to send a message. Those in the right wing will be brought before the courts, and they will be convicted. Not based on criminal activity, but based on their place in society.

They are also indicative of something else. Weakness. To use the words of Benjamin Raymond, the left must support its power-structure with violence and terror because they themselves recognize that they are weak. They must dump tens of thousands of dollars of bribes to keep their lies in motion. They know that they are failing, that people are rejecting their broken vision of the future. Nationalist groups have had no need for this violence. We can, and have, convinced people that a better future exists.

To quote National Action themselves:

Some would raise the objection that if we became too successful, we’d – as group representatives – be imprisoned and/or unceremoniously executed without any inquiry or investigation … We don’t doubt that as a possibility … but even then it wouldn’t be an excuse to not engage in political activism[.]”

To those lonely few who are being targeted by this vile machine, our thoughts are with you. Stand steadfast. Godspeed.

Benjamin Raymond a personal inspiration for me, seen here speaking at the Battle of Liverpool.

When I first read this article about National Action written by a friend of mine, I was personally overwhelmed with emotion. The injustice of it all boils my blood. The YEARS of work put into this movement since 2013, lost and never to return to this group and its leaders that seemed to be going in a steady direction, gaining more and more support. I cannot as I write this fully give all my thoughts on this article or National Action, but i’ll do my best to try and put into words what I can.

Every interview i’ve listened to in which Ben Raymond speaks cemented within me this notion of greatness in National Action, and of course, the man himself, a true dyed in the wool National Socialist. The idealism, the logic, the intelligence behind every single action he took and directed into NA just filled me with joy but also deepening the wounds of regret. Fostering a sense of loss.

There aren’t any modern leaders that I personally identify with. All of them almost without exception have been terrible. Ben Raymond is the only exception. To me he represents National Action and was the face of National Action. In the brilliant “Battle of Liverpool” it is Ben Raymond who has the high ground above the Sub-Human Marxists. He bellows through the microphone at these racial aliens and traitors with such fury. Nobody else need speak. While the enemies of National Socialism and National Action stood on the street and tore bricks from the pavement to pelt them, the brave men of NA stood firm and did not shy away from continuing their theatrics. How the Marxists must have felt seeing the incessant, utterly infuriating saluting and untouchable position of National Action from upon the precipice!

National Action had ambition, they had goals, they had propaganda, and they were successful until the system does what the system does best, find a pretense to strike, blame and saddle accusations on people that they know will never be treated fairly in any regard.

Many people online do not understand National Action, and perhaps I do not fully understand them either. I cannot pretend to know all the information, although I would love to speak with Ben personally and privately discuss everything about NA, from it’s inception to its downfall, then potentially write a FULL VINDICATION and EVALUATION of National Action. Though this is doubtful. I would like to nonetheless. In any case, many people and people I know included see NA as nothing more than another failed National Socialist group spawning from the Iron March era of the early to late 2010s (if they even know what Iron March was); a friend of mine saw the “Miss Hitler” competition as “cringy” and “bad optics” but had no clue that the entire point of Miss Hitler was to appeal to the vapid, perverted and sensationalist tabloids with such a radical display of propaganda that National Action could use for press. The girls apart of the Miss Hitler competition would act as the well spoken transmitters of National Socialism into the public conscience. Raymond illustrated this in the “Radio Aryan” interview which you can view below.

THE POINT is that everything people judged on the surface about National Action they never understood or saw the effects of. They had no clue (neither did I until a point) that everything NA did had meaning and wasn’t just mindless provocation, of course provoking was apart of it which I imagine acted as a way to appeal to specific segments of the public and repel others creating a strong base of like-minded and similarly focused individuals. Those who weren’t rigorous, who exposed themselves as nothing more than reactionaries looking for radicalism in general without ideological foundations could be weeded out. As could the cowardly that didn’t want to take real Action.

Many groups do this, you might think. And yes, but how many groups lasted as long as National Action? Surely they had something no other group did? My guess would be that they were able to mobilise their men on a productive basis and at least attempt to do more than poster or self aggrandize themselves personally. The food drive is a good example of that positive action. Like Golden Dawn who also did a food drive, i’ve wanted to see more things like that for a long time and i’ve suggested to many people over the years, but nobody actually wants to do productive public service work it seems.

National Action was in many ways the ideal National Socialist group for the modern age, and certainly the most authentic. I regularly listen to the interviews with Ben Raymond and download all of them that I can. I find them very inspirational and enjoy just hearing him speak, there’s much more i’d wish to hear him say, but alas we have what we have.

The future holds many secrets, but one thing is for certain. We need another National Socialist group who can be competent, intelligent and productive. We need men who are disciplined, who are ideologically fanatical and can inspire in others the greatness needed to struggle through the tough jungle of the 21st century and still maintain their ethnic humanity, their loyalty and their sense of humour.

I can say I’m better off knowing about National Action, listening to Ben Raymond, and taking the inspiration that i’ve been given to try and do my best in what I pursue from here on out. I hope everyone else reading this can do the same.

Heil Hitler
Thank you Benjamin Raymond, Heil.

[1] Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights states: No one shall be held guilty of any criminal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a criminal offence under national or international law at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the criminal offence was committed. : It is safe to say that British courts flat out ignored the Human Rights of NA members on the basis of their politics and race, and in my eyes are not only responsible for the deaths of two members, but also committed a racial crime against them because they were white. This they would never do, not even to the harshest of real Islamic terrorists. Putting people in prison for being apart of a group before that group was banned and being sentenced for quite literally having the wrong opinions is the struggle we face today. The the current political zeitgeist decided that views held by Nationalists are simply not allowed, that free speech and expression of our ideas opposed to the current idea is worthy of being sent to prison for years on end, this is repression of the worst kind. An example, NA member Chad Mark Williams-Allen was charged and sentenced in 2018 for the ‘crime’ of putting up stickers ‘inciting racial hatred’ before National Action had been banned in the UK on December 16th 2016

Dedicated to Benjamin Raymond

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Benjamin Raymond interviewed on Radio Aryan

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    • Untrue. NA was never a political party, or aiming for top-down political power. They would need to conform to the system to do so. NA was a National Socialist youth movement, aimed at bottom-up political activities, physical fitness, provocative social activism steeped in youth orientated culture, particularly online. It was a movement for young men and women who had nothing else inside the system to support, NA stood to welcome those elements in the youth who were committed National Socialists, to built up a community of those like-minded people.

      Gaining political power is next to impossible if you want to maintain your National Socialist principles. Especially if you want to run in elections which would be a fruitless venture for nearly any pro-white party. State power is not as important as social power. The state has limits, social demands and unrest has no limits. NA wanted to engage with the public from the bottom, not the top, there’s an essential difference in strategy at play here. When you get political power, you can only do so with bottom-up support, which would be necessary to cultivate sympathy for the cause. Aiming to be a political party before you have broad social support is to put the cart before the horse. It’s nonsensical.

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