RPA Books

I’ve taken up the hobby of formatting and making available books. Books I deem of worth but not those usually available.

– Nigel

SIEGE by James Mason is a key text for the 21st century National Socialist.
whether you find the controversial allure of this book to be compelling enough to justify a reading, or whether you’re a dedicated National Socialist who wants to simply see what SIEGE can contribute to your worldview even if you may not agree with everything, it’s definitely worth reading as regardless of your views you will no doubt be able to take something away from reading it.

The 4th edition of SIEGE was released on Amazon in late 2018 for around a week before being removed. The 3rd edition was released by Ironmarch in 2017 and has been the most commonly available and widely read (in my opinion) copy until now (you can still download the 3rd edition below).

I wanted to read the 4th edition myself and no matter what I couldn’t find any copy of it in high quality online or for sale physically. Thankfully, a person who bought the original and had the piece of mind to scan it made a very large pdf file available online, but nevertheless in low quality that couldn’t be printed; so I decided to take it upon myself to convert this low resolution scan into a high quality pdf file to be distributed and read by those interested in SIEGE.

I hope you all enjoy.

Heil Hitler!

Mein Kampf is the most valuable book for any National Socialist as it is one of our key insights into Adolf Hitler’s personal autobiography and history of the National Socialist movement in Germany during the 1920s. Of course, Hitler also outlines the worldview we must embrace and adapt to our current day in the 21st century.

There have been many translations of Mein Kampf, and as Dalton points out, suffer from countless errors and blatant mistranslations at the hands of Jews who got their hand on the book for translations even during the 1930s. They made the book unreadable and subsequently slandered the author for his style and thoughts. The bunglers of Hitler’s thought cannot go unpunished. For this reason there is no better translation of Mein Kampf than that translated and published by the revisionist Thomas Dalton who has put out wonderful editions of the book with dual English and German translations thoroughly scolding and correcting the intentional sabotage of Hitler’s magnum opus.

This work however, will only contain the English translation in a single volume, and should remain the standard edition for National Socialists in the English speaking world for decades to come.

In Progress. . . . .