About Redpill Action

The symbol of ‘Redpill Action’ is a layered Tiwaz Rune of Germanic origin. It resembles a tall and strong tree which represents nature and life. The symbol also stands for Triumph.

I am a National Socialist and wanted a symbol that truly represented that. For me the idea of a tree fits perfectly. When one cuts down a tree he also cuts down the connection human beings have to nature and our responsibility to uphold the eternal laws that guide us all whether we know it or not. Our political enemies from all sides, both left and right have tried to dominate nature, they reject it, hate it and take her for granted, they are the people who cut down trees, or more symbolically, are set on destroying the tree of European civilisation by cutting it down and burning the roots. We’ve seen this in the way they relativise our people and distort our achievements; they disseminate this false history and origins of our people to feed the European populace a view of itself that’s negative and then attribute anything positive to other races. They dissociate us from our history in schools and they remove Western Civilization courses from universities, even minor actions like removing certain authors or ‘diversifying’ the curriculum while they also provide Racial Identitarian courses to non-europeans by way of ‘African, Asian, or Indigenous studies’.

We as National Socialists do not do this and we understand that as human beings we’re apart of nature and must live by her laws and preserve life. Another difference between us and our enemies is that they, particularly the left are purely motivated by destruction. Never satisfied as they deconstruct and throw away whatever impedes their quest of self flagellation and aggrandizement of foreign peoples above their own (if they’re European). The right wing are those cowards who take whatever the left throw at them and attempt to conserve it while pretending all the destruction caused by the left has indeed been the true tradition all along. These people can never be trees, for trees stand prideful and triumphant above the Earth as one with nature. As such a National Socialist must be like a tree. Life is what we cherish, and our life is fostered in the wellbeing of our people.

One might ask why I don’t use the Swastika. There’s no reason why I don’t, In truth, I love the Swastika and the traditional National Socialist Aesthetic, however I was just inspired to create a different symbol that can be waved alongside the glorious Hakenkreuz.

Dissatisfied with the current age and sceptical of the political options given to me I found that I must discover what’s important. I do not believe in the ideals I’ve been told my entire life (Cliche I know), that all peoples are equal, that the highest goal one can achieve is personal freedom and satisfaction. As a man born of the 21st century I’ve grown up experiencing the effects of the 20th, and what I’ve seen I loathe in my very soul.

Estranged young people like myself, who had no direction or purpose in life, people who lived day by day, fad by fad with little consciousness that they were even alive. Or rather, they weren’t conscious that there is more to life than simply living.

I found in myself a deep longing, for what, I didn’t know. For some reason after being brought up in an extremely ‘tolerant’ environment I totally rejected it in a matter of a year in my early to mid-teens when I realised that my true longing was that of identity. From the age of 14 I was liberal conservative, at least, that’s the line I chose to take even though I felt and couldn’t come to terms with it yet, that I was indeed much more ‘far right’ than that. Halfway through the age of 15 I fully rejected Liberalism and became a ‘White Nationalist’ rather quickly abandoning Civic Nationalism as I realised after the constant baragment of Islamic terrorism that ‘Moslems’ as a proxy for a larger problem weren’t going to cut it, nor was simply rejecting the cultures of Islam in European countries. My realisation was that Islam as a force of civilisation is much stronger than is our weak liberal western one, and if we want to survive we must ourselves become again a strong force of culture and identity. This led me further to be attracted to the allure of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.

More than seemingly being inspired by a reaction to events, I was pushed by an appreciation of my country, the realisation that to protect what I loved I in turn must love my country and the people of European stock that make us unique as we are the people that founded and built this country and provided the cultural foundations in which I’ve been able to be born and live.

My identity is that of a European, racially conscious and tasked with the duty bound by the blood of past generations; those who lived, are now living and those yet to be born. Which means that national restoration and a unified national consciousness must be awakened in order to restore the pride and honor of the European people not only in my country, but in all European countries and peoples throughout the world. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into oblivion, replaced by foreigners and shamed into obscurity. It isn’t out of ‘hate’ as many would accuse, but out of the genuine passion I and many others hold for our heritage.

My very basic goal is just to write articles and provide insight into what I’m passionate about. I want to host articles written by others in the future too. But I have to say, it’s a struggle getting my friends to write anything.

Beyond that I wanted to create a blog/website that’s unabashedly National Socialist to stand in Triumph against the world in which we’re persecuted and delegitimized. This is the same world which gives power and party platforms to Marxian Socialists and their Communist brothers, harbourers of an ideology that has been allowed to survive regardless of their abundant history of genocides and mass murder based on their cult of equality which far exceeds the alleged crimes of National Socialists and Fascists combined.

There is also no total worldview which exists today besides National Socialism that can hope to combat Marxism and the general civilisational malaise we feel around the European world. To combat this threat we must also embrace the necessarily radicalism to meet and over-power it.

Adolf Hitler, Conceptualizer of National Socialism

To be redone.

I do not condone violence in any shape or form. This website is preoccupied with historical and philosophical matters only.